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Elizondo Air Management Solutions
3008 S Shartel Ave, Oklahoma City
Oklahoma 73109

Energy Efficiency Program

Begining 2016 fall, is sponsored by , & .

Date/Time: Thursday, September 15th, 2016, 9:00am
Date/Time: Sunday, December 31st, 2016, 6:00pm
Elizondo Air management Solutions

Elizondo Air Management Solutions invites you to join the movement towards responsible energy consumption and to meet the individuals who will support you along the way. Beginning this fall, Oklahoma Natural Gas as the seller of energy, American Standard as the manufacturer of central heating and Elizondo Air Management Solutions as the certified HVAC contractor have made available up to $2,000 in rebates and cash backs. Additionally, the Federal Government has created a tax credit which can earn you up to $500 which can be applied towards your 2016 taxes if claimed before December 31st.

Please Contact Elizondo Air Management Solutions for more information about the ultraviolet light air purifiers and American Standard Rebates.

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Eight small but important things to observe to Stay Warm in Winter

Elizondo Air Management Solutions

Winter is around the corner and along comes the festive season

In addition to the shopping list one important thing on your checklist should be HVAC maintenance. Did you give a thought about it, if not read on and see for yourself if you are ready for this winter.

What to look for?

Funny smell :

Turn on the heater and if you get a burnt smell, it could be a minor issue or something critical. Wait for few hours and if the burnt smell disappears it could have been due to the dust collected in the heater furnace or the heating duct. This happens as it was not in use for a long time. But if the smell persists do not wait call a HVAC technician.

Oil or plastic smell :

If you have an oil furnace it could be the clogged filter producing this odor. Try to locate the filter and replace it. In any case try not to DIY with heating elements, always reach out to a trusted HVAC contractor in your location.

Heat temperature :

A simple check to see if your heating system is in perfect condition is to let the heater run for a while when the temperature drops. Set the heater temperature to your desired level and wait for few hours to know if the room has reached to the set level of heat. If it hasn’t do not wait longer there could be a malfunction in your heating system.

What to Do???

Check for Carbon Monoxide :

Carbon Monoxide is hazardous. If in doubt contact the best HVAC contractor to analyze your heating system and identify any carbon monoxide formation.

Abnormal noises :

Hear out your heating system carefully to analyze any abnormal noise from your system. It could be a faulty part inside the heater or furnace.

Check for Gas leak :

If you use a gas furnace turn off all the power units and find out if there is a gas leak. Get a HVAC technician to look at it if you are not an expert at it. Wait yo turn on the power until the technician confirms of no gas leak.

Look out for dirt or clogging :

Clogged ducts and air vents can cause the heating system to work harder and thereby use more energy. To ensure an energy efficient heating system manually try to clean up the visible parts of the system and avoid any blockage.

Install Auto thermostat :

Auto thermostat ensures that it has the active period of your days recorded and heat up your house accordingly. This avoids unnecessary heating and thereby reduces the energy consumption.

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