Elizondo air Management Solutions
3008 S Shartel Ave, Oklahoma City
Oklahoma 73109
Elizondo Air Management Solutions
3008 S Shartel Ave, Oklahoma City
Oklahoma 73109

Energy Efficiency Program

Begining 2016 fall, is sponsored by , & .

Date/Time: Thursday, September 15th, 2016, 9:00am
Date/Time: Sunday, December 31st, 2016, 6:00pm
Elizondo Air management Solutions

Elizondo Air Management Solutions invites you to join the movement towards responsible energy consumption and to meet the individuals who will support you along the way. Beginning this fall, Oklahoma Natural Gas as the seller of energy, American Standard as the manufacturer of central heating and Elizondo Air Management Solutions as the certified HVAC contractor have made available up to $2,000 in rebates and cash backs. Additionally, the Federal Government has created a tax credit which can earn you up to $500 which can be applied towards your 2016 taxes if claimed before December 31st.

Please Contact Elizondo Air Management Solutions for more information about the ultraviolet light air purifiers and American Standard Rebates.

Reliable Service, Total Comfort Professional, Dependable, & Affordable Air Conditioning Service in Oklahoma City, OK


“Elizondo Air Management Solutions” offers fair and affordable services and rates to our customers for air management solutions service in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.

Heating System Services

Looking for a HVAC heat and air specialist in OKC or Edmond area? Elizondo Air is a name you can trust for any of your heating and air problems in Oklahoma. We have been in this business for over 20 years and our reputation for quality heat and air service is unquestionable. We provide the best heating and air conditioning system installation services in okc as installing a heating system or furnace is not a plug and play process. Elizondo Air is licensed from Construction Industries Board (CIB) and so our technicians are well trained for all your heating and air, A/C needs. We offer 24 hours service in case of emergency.

Why Choose Elizondo?

Being one of the top licensed and best heat and air HVAC contractors of OKC, we promise 100% quality work. Our service professionals are well trained to Install or Repair your Electric, Gas or Hybrid Heating system, HVAC repair, HVAC service in OK. Here are the heating services we offer.

Heater Repair & Maintenance :

  • Check the electrical connections and gas line
  • Inspect the filters and fan controls
  • Ensure the right thermostat
  • Heater parts repair and replacement
  • Repair and Service of Goodman heater and air conditioner and Goodman HVAC units
  • Repair and Service of Amana heater and air conditioner

Furnace Repair & Maintenance

  • Power issues to furnace
  • Failing motor
  • Ignition and Burner problems
  • Even minor problems like furnace not turning on, strange noises in furnace & furnace blower problems.

Heater Replacements

  • Proper analysis of Gas/Electric Heaters
  • Provide appropriate Heating System Installation
  • Replace any heater like Goodman, Amana, Rheem, Whirlpool etc..
  • Furnace Replacements
  • Proper analysis of furnace
  • Suggest appropriate furnace replacements
  • Replacement of Goodman heater and air conditioner and Goodman HVAC units
  • Replacement of Amana heater and air conditioners
  • Replace all models of Furnaces like Carrier, Rheem, Coleman, Goodman, etc…

Cooling System Services

We are blessed with so much sunshine that we need our air conditioners in perfect condition in Oklahoma. With 20 years of experience in heating and air services in Oklahoma and Edmond you can rely on Elizondo Air for any kind of heating and air management solution. We do a/c tune up to replacement of the a/c system with famous brands like Coleman, carrier, Lennox, Bryant, Amana heater and air conditioner, Goodman HVAC units, Goodman air conditioners, etc.

Any old air conditioned system has to be regularly checked for ac service and replaced if required to reduce on the electricity bill. Our certified professionals diagnose your system and provide suggestions on the needful actions for any of your, HVAC, central a/c, geo thermal a/c etc. Being one of the best air conditioning contractors in Oklahoma City, we provide topnotch air conditioning repair, ac repair, air duct cleaning, air management solution and much more. We are just a cal away for any emergency HVAC services in Oklahoma City or Edmond area.

Air conditioner maintenance

  • Clean the air filters
  • Diagnose the system for efficiency
  • Tune up
  • Clean the a/c unit
  • Professional annual inspection
  • Maintenance and services of Goodman air conditioner and Goodman HVAC units
  • Maintenance and services of Amana heater and air conditioner
  • Air duct cleaning and Maintenance okc

Air conditioner repair or replacement

  • Powering on issues with air conditioner
  • Noises and vibrations in the system when turned on
  • Refrigerant leak
  • Water clogging in the drain system
  • Repair and Replacement of Goodman air conditioner and Goodman HVAC units
  • Repair and Replacement of Amana heater and air conditioner
  • Air duct cleaning and repair okc